Custom Sensor Wiring

The Flock gauge supports adding any linear 5v sensor to the gauge. You will just need a couple parts to create your own wiring harness to connect from your sensor to the gauge itself.

Parts Needed

  1. JST 2.0 male connector (amazon link)
  2. Some Extra Wiring
  3. Your 5v linear sensor


How 5v linear sensors work is they take in 5v in and output a signal from 0-5v. Depending on how much voltage is output you can calculate the percentage of the sensor range to understand the reading of the sensor. eg. If you have a 0-100 PSI pressure sensor and it is sending 2.5v that would mean it is reading 50 PSI at the sensor. calculation: (2.5v / 5v) * 100 PSI = 50 PSI

What Sensors Work?


Back of the gauge

Back of the gauge


This is the wiring for the ports on the back of the gauge. Make sure the correct pins on the gauge match up to the correct pins on the wiring :)