Updating Your Gauge


  1. Download the Update File
  2. Put your gauge in settings mode
  3. Connect to wifi
  4. Navigate to http://flock.local/index.html
  5. Upload Update File
  6. Restart Gauge and Wait for Things to Update

Download the update file

Download the latest update file from here: Update File

 Version Changes
V1.4.0 * Added Live preview of your gauge customization to the settings/setup process
* Increased the high temp warning options
V1.3.2 * Fixed issue where the min/max voltage wasn't being saved on settings
V1.3.1 * Fixed issue when saving a sensor where it would remove the sensor
* Added higher high temp warning temps
V1.3.0 * Fully redesigned Settings/Setup flow
* Rotate button in the settings
V1.2.1 • Fixing bug where the gauge wouldn't respect the number of decimal points you selected
V1.2.0 • Added 0-5v Linear Sensor

• Added Boost Sensor
• Added High Temp Warnings
• Various bug fixes on settings pages

V1.0.9 •Manually calibrated the temp sensor below 70* so it will show accurate data down to 32* now :p • Added a way to rotate the screen 90* at a time. If you are connected to settings mode you can go to flock.local/rotate (or if you are on android) and it will rotate the screen.
• Updated the QR code images to add a little smiley face at the bottom so if you are rotating the screen you can more easily see what is up
• QR codes will work on android
• Progress dots show up on the update images to show progress
• Version number displays on the settings page for bug reports
V1.0.7 Adding Pressure Sensor!
Fixing a bug where custom images would only upload for the first sensor port.
V1.0.6 Fixing a bug where the digits wouldn't show for multi-gauge when a sensor was selected to be "analog". Also fixed a bug with the analog toggle in the settings page for multi-gauge settings
V1.0.5 Adding the ability to run multiple gauges at once!

Put your gauge in settings mode

Putting your gauge in settings mode will allow you to connect to the gauge's wifi network to change settings or upload new firmware.

Steps to put your gauge in settings mode:

  1. Power on the gauge
  2. Wait for the wifi icon to show up near the bottom of the screen. 
    1. Power off the gauge
    2. Power the gauge back on

    If everything worked as expected you should see a screen that says "Settings Mode Connect to wifi"

    Connect to wifi

    Connect to your gauge's wifi network. It will show up as "Flock - Water Temp" or "Flock - Oil Temp"

    Go to the upload page

    Right now I don't have the upload page linked from the settings page and the upload page is suuuuuuuper bare bones.

    Navigate to flock.local/index.html which will look like this:


    Upload the Update File

    Tap Select Update File.

    Select the update file from your files.

    Tap Upload. You will have to wait ~10 seconds for everything to upload.

    Once the upload is done you will be taken to a plain white screen on your phone.

    Restart Gauge and Wait for Things to Update

    Once you see the white screen on your phone, your gauge will automatically restart and start to install the update.

    DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER. You will see new screens on the gauge as it is going through the update steps. This can take up to 3 min.

    Once everything is updated you should see your gauge screen again! You are all updated!